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What should you wear?

Layers, bold fun colors, ruffles, funky boots, fun accessories such as hats and scarves! You don't need to have the whole family wear the same color but staying with a fun color theme looks great! Have children wear fun clothes that expresses their personality. For children, bring a favorite bear, doll or dinosaur toy...:)

When do I need to pay you?
Session fees are due at the time of the photo shoot. Other fees for ordering pictures or cd are paid after the shoot. I do offer a $50 discount on CDs if you pay at the time of the shoot.

When do I get my photos?
You will receive a sneak peek by email within 48 hours. All edited images will be available to you within two weeks of the portrait session date.

Where can I buy prints?
Images will be available on my (well smugmugs') photo ordering site

Can I order a canvas of my picture, you know the big ones that you put over the mantle?
Contact me and I will be happy to discuss this with you. I work with a great printer that does this and it is a frequent request.

Will there be a 2nd photographer?
For a portrait session it’s just me! Yea! But as a mom, I am used to being in many places and doing different things at the same time.

Have a question you don’t see answered above? Send me an email, I love to answer questions!

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