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Carrie Garrett Photo

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did on the photo session with our family. It was wonderful to deal with someone that could be professional and still put us all at ease. With twins age 8 and my youngest age 7 I never can manage to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time or without someone’s eyes closed, etc. Not only did you get great shots of us all, but I really enjoyed some of the creative/unposed individual ones you did. I can tell my girls enjoyed the session because I can see their personalities in their smiles you caught on film. I also really appreciate you allowing me to request certain poses. Thank you, also, for allowing us to get a few shots with our dog – the family shot turned out stunning and received more compliments than any other we have had and it’s the first picture you see when you walk in our den. Thank you again for everything! If you ever need a recommendation I’m happy to give you one. I am thrilled with the way the shots turned out!

Caroline Witbeck

Carrie's talent is clearly obvious by the pictures she creates and her ability to work with lighting and color is breathtaking. Even more, she makes the process fun and is able to capture my children's personalities with great ease! I have no doubt that Carrie will be taking pictures of our family for years to come!


We love Carrie Garrett Photography. She is so talented in capturing my children's true personalities. I especially love the pictures while they are at play. Simply beautiful! She is fun to work with and always makes our family feel at ease!

Angie Lovelace

The pictures brought me to tears. You captured what my heart sees and feels. I am totally in awe! "Neglect not the gift that is within you". Those are not my words but from the good Lord. Some people search their whole life trying to find their gift. It is obvious you have found yours. We are so grateful for you and for us !


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